All general classes are 6-weeks long, for one-hour each week unless otherwise indicated. 

Please note that upon registration, there are no refunds, transfers, or make-up classes for missed classes. Those who are registered will be notified in advance of any class dates adjusted.

Here’s what you need to know before your first class:

  • Our classes are small and focused, with a maximum class size of 11 registered dogs and 25 people (including instructors).
  • Classes allow up to two people to attend per dog.
  • All classes cover basic clicker training with clickers provided.
    • Remember to bring your dog’s favourite treats!
  • You’ll work with trainers in our indoor 5,000 sq.ft. training facility.
    • Classes will be held outdoors when weather permits, please bring appropriate outer wear.
  • Dogs must have veterinary proof of current vaccinations: DHLPP and rabies. A canine cough vaccine is highly recommended. Titer tests will be accepted in place of vaccines. Puppies require a minimum of two sets of vaccines. (Puppies vaccinated by a breeder that is not a DVM will not be accepted.

If you want to register two dogs from the same household in one of our training classes, we recommend registering each in a separate class.


  • Dogs that have punctured another dog or human must first attend a private training session for assessment to determine if they are suitable for group training.
  • Dogs that display excessive barking, growling, or lunging towards people or other dogs, while on leash must first attend a private training session to determine if they are suitable for group training. You may also sign up for our class specifically to address Leash Reactivity (101).
Modified Adoptions Process

In-Person Puppy Socialization Sessions

Puppy Pop-In

This class will give your puppy a chance to meet different puppies and people each visit! We will introduce different objects, environments, and sounds, along with building valuable habits, practices, and commands.

Juvenile Puppy Pop-In

This class will give your puppy a chance to meet different puppies and people each visit! We will introduce different objects, environments, and sounds, along with building valuable habits, practices, and commands.

General 6-Week Classes

Puppy Basics

It is critical puppies encounter as many new environments, people, dogs, and things as possible during the early stage of their lives. Another important skill is bite inhibition.

Brain Busters

Learn creative and challenging ways to tire your dog out while enhancing your bond in this fun class! We’ll introduce trick training, scent detection, agility, and other fun games.

Managing Mischief

Relationships can be ruff. Our trainers work with you and your canine companion to target impulse control and help develop good manners. Learn positive reinforcement methods to guide your dogs journey to become better canine citizen.

Basic Obedience

Focused on training you and your dog to become model citizens and great representatives of the canine community. After an introduction to clicker training, you will learn basic tricks such as sit, down, wait, stay, come, and walking skills.

Intermediate Obedience

The basics behind you, we’ll take your obedience skills to the next level! Add new and more challenging skills to extended your dogs distance, endurance, and focus with this next level training course. 

Hustle Your Walk

Build confidence for you and your canine with recall and walking skills. Bad habits can be hard to break but our trainers are here to lend a paw as we safely take advantage of our large indoor & outdoor facilities.

Courageous Canines

For the shy guys who might get overwhelmed easily.
Help fearful dogs become more confident and face fears using slow exposure and gentle reinforcement methods.

Leash Reactivity 101

Dogs express discomfort and excitement the only way they know how, body language and vocalizations. We will work with you and your dog to build confidence and/or self-control around other dogs while on leash as well as other ways to manage reactive behaviours through positive training methods.

Leash Reactivity 201

For graduates of Leash Reactivity 101 or equivalent who are wanting to further hone or improve skills in reactivity and leash management with their canine companion. If you are new to leash reactivity, you must first complete Leash Reactivity 101.

Cooperative Canine Care Basics

Take the stress out of grooming and vet visits when you learn how to work with your canine on care basics like nail trims, baths, and tooth brushing. Our trainers will also touch on helping your dog with invasive handling and basic obedience.

Canine Agility Classes

Agility Pop-In

This introductory, one-hour class class is for you and your dog to learn about basic agility and have some fun!

Beginner Agility

This 6-week class is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of agility. We’ll introduce you to the equipment and strategies for agility courses and help you find the agility star in your pup!

Intermediate Agility

This 6-week class is only for graduates from our Beginner Agility course. This course will further you and your dog’s agility skills!

Training Courses for People

Pet First-Aid

Learn what immediate steps to take in a pet emergency situation! Offered in partnership with Walks ‘n’ Wags, who have offered pet first aid classes since 2003.

Understanding Dog Behaviour

Our dog behaviour training classes will give you exposure to a variety of canine breeds and behaviours while you learn and develop skills in identifying dog body language and how to modify common behavioural issues.

Canine Consultations

90-Minute One-on-One Consultation

Including a Customized Plan

This unique service will provide you and your family with knowledge and techniques to manage a variety of behaviour challenges such as:

Jumping Leash aggression Charging
Resource guarding Focus techniques Dogs with fear or high anxiety
Barking Crate Training Deaf dogs
Recall work Canine Good Neighbor – test preparation Aggression towards other dogs

All sessions are held at the Edmonton Humane Society in a private consult room and are led by one of EHS’ trainers.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]