About Group Training Classes

Learn from the experts in dog behaviour why fear, dominance or aversive training is not the best method to use when working with your dog.

*** Dogs that display excessive barking/growling/lunging while on leash towards people or other dogs are not suitable for general training classes. If your dog typically displays any of these behaviours, please sign up for a private training session or Leash Reactivity 101. ***

  • 8-10 dogs per class with one instructor.
  • Dogs must have veterinary proof of current vaccinations: DHLPP and Rabies. A canine cough vaccine is highly recommended. Titer tests will be accepted in place of vaccines. Puppies require a minimum of 2 sets of vaccines. (Puppies vaccinated by a breeder that is not a DVM will not be accepted.)
  • A clicker and training with this important tool is included in each starter class.
  • Dogs that have punctured another dog or human cannot take group classes until they have taken a private training session for assessment.
  • Classes run 1 hour per week for 6 weeks unless otherwise indicated.
  • Once registered, there are no refunds or transfers or make-up classes for missed classes. You will be notified ahead of time if class dates need to be switched.

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