Our mission is to enrich the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.

To do this we have charted the direction forward with a strategic plan to guide our operations from 2020 until 2024.

This plan was developed with input from the following groups, through surveys and focus groups conducted in 2019:

  • Staff and Senior Leadership
  • Volunteers and Fosters
  • Members
  • Donors
  • Animal Welfare Partners
  • Our Board of Directors

The Edmonton Humane Society is a registered charity located in Edmonton, Alberta that is dedicated to the humane treatment and care of companion animals. This type of work cannot be done without our staff, volunteers, partners, and supporters who passionately care about animal welfare. Part of our role is to ensure the fiscal responsibility and careful stewardship of our resources. This plan outlines some of our goals to inform our path forward.

The 2020 -2024 Strategic Plan For The Edmonton Humane Society


Ensure optimal quality of life for shelter animals we serve

Key Goals

  • Enhance programs that increase shelter capacity and support successful adoptions
  • Implement medical, behavioural, and care practices that reflect excellence in animal sheltering and welfare


Lead and inspire humane action

Key Goals

  • Develop initiatives that support the humane management of companion animals in the community
  • Foster collaborative relationships within the animal welfare community
  • Develop and implement a strategy to engage with decision-makers in the protection and management of companion animals
  • Increase outreach that supports responsible pet care and compassion for animals
  • Develop and participate in programs that support alternatives to intake and the human-animal bond


Be an employer of choice and the best place to volunteer in Edmonton

Key Goals

  • Develop and offer programs to support a healthy, respectful workplace for staff and volunteers
  • Develop and deliver programs to cultivate an engaged, skilled team of staff and volunteers
  • Develop and deliver programs to support a positive experience for staff and volunteers throughout their time with EHS


Cultivate the resources to achieve our vision and mission

Key Goals

  • Increase philanthropic revenue through new donor acquisition, stewardship and new initiatives
  • Promote community awareness about the work we do
  • Increase social enterprise revenue in retail, training and cremation programs


Achieve operational excellence that supports future growth

Key Goals

  • Develop, implement and monitor key organizational strategies and frameworks
  • Develop and implement operating policies and procedures
  • Develop and implement plans to maintain best-in-class facilities
  • Improve processes and systems to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Develop and improve processes to achieve governance excellence

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