Who We Are

We are individuals passionate about contributing to the Society’s values, mission, goals and objectives of enriching the lives of people and companion animals through animal sheltering, programs and services, and community engagement.

About the Board

Each board member is elected to a two year term, with the option to renew for a maximum of three additional terms (total 8 years).  As Board vacancies occur, new directors are elected by the EHS membership at the Annual General Meeting.  The Board conducts its work through three groups: Finance and Audit Committee, Governance and Humane Resources Committee, and an External Relations Advisory Panel.

Board Chair

Jennifer Fisk

Having always held a love for both companion and wild animals, Jennifer joined EHS as an opportunity to combine this passion with her past board experience and help her community. With over 25 years’ experience in nonprofit board directorship as well as a background in communications and marketing, Jennifer is committed to working with fellow board members to advance the organization as the Board Chair.

Gathering information to make informed decisions and not afraid to ask hard questions, Jennifer leverages her knowledge and skills from experience with her own communications firm to bring a valuable perspective to the table.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her partner on Brisco Mountain, BC, hiking with their chocolate Labrador, Tucker and learning more about the wild animals around them such as bears, elk, cougars, and more.

Vice Chair

Allison Radford

Several years ago, when Allison brought her youngest puppy to EHS for training, she discovered an opportunity to unite with an organization that shared her passion for animal advocacy and desire to help. Bringing her perspective from corporate governance, finance, and operations experience, Allison also has experience from sitting on past audit committees for other boards she has served.

With an accounting background and extensive operational experience, her ability to analyze items from both perspectives serve her well in contributing to EHS Board decisions.

Outside of work hours, Allison spends her time reading or outdoors with her family including three wonderful Labradors, Zoe, Ansley, and Nacho.


Dale Wispinski

Dale was drawn to join the EHS Board because of their commitment to enriching the lives of people and companion animals, as well as its longstanding contributions to the community. With an education in communications and law, Dale is passionate about helping others and currently holds the position as the CEO and Chief Appeals Commissioner with the Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation.

Her extensive legal background is a valuable addition to the EHS Board as is her commitment to supporting the organization in achieving its vision, mission, and strategic goals while playing a part in sharing the exceptional work that the EHS does.

Dale grew up with family dogs and has had a soft spot for animals since. When enjoying leisure time, she can be found on long nature walks – exploring the mountains with Stephen, her Australian Labradoodle.


Darren Lunt

Becoming a member of the EHS Board brings Darren full circle to where his career began in 1990 when he was hired as the Society’s fundraising manager.  The six and a half years working at the Shelter offered many rewarding experiences. A personal highlight for Darren was launching the inaugural Pets in Park event that continues to this day.

Darren’s professional career continued in the non-profit sector where his fundraising skills evolved into senior manager responsibilities with both the Royal Tyrrell Museum and Pilgrims Hospice Society.  A switch over to the corporate sector in the mid-2000s eventually led to his current role of President at Weldco Companies, a large heavy steel fabricator with locations across Canada.

Darren is originally from Edmonton where his two adult children currently pursue their post-secondary degrees.  Free time is spent with his wife and their Bernedoodle Cleo out at their cabin. It was the recent addition of Cleo to the Lunt family that reignited Darren’s passion for animal welfare and his desire to become involved with the EHS.


Barbara Bruce

Barbara’s keen interest in animals started early with a part-time job in high school, working in a veterinarian’s clinic where she began to learn about the balance between the “cute and cuddly” part of being around animals and the practical issues relating to animal health and welfare. As a young woman, she was privileged to work at both the Valley Zoo and the Calgary Zoo where she was educated on the importance of ethical animal husbandry, public education programs and the power of community engagement.

Although her career ultimately took her away from the animal welfare world, she has always maintained a passion for animals. As a long-serving Executive Director for a professional regulatory body, and a newcomer to the EHS, Barbara is looking forward to contributing her knowledge of governance and strategic planning to her work on the EHS board.

These days Barbara and her husband fuss endlessly over their two boisterous French Bulldogs, Nikki and Odo. When time allows, Barbara enjoys the outdoors, reading, boating, and gardening.


Sheri Cameron

In addition to contributing to the important work of animal care and well-being, Sheri joined the EHS to help others create and celebrate the special connections between people and animals.

Sheri aims to support the values, mission and goals of the EHS by building relationships and facilitating connections within the community. Currently the Director of People, Culture and Communications at OFX, Sheri provides strategic advice in the areas of employee engagement, cultural development, internal communications and workforce future readiness. Through this, Sheri remains focused on building high performance teams and leading ongoing change initiatives to support business performance. She also has a thorough understanding of governance and collaboration, further enhanced through M&A and integration experience.

Being a lifelong Edmontonian, a mother of two, and co-owner of a local Edmonton business with her husband, Sheri has a strong passion for bettering the community in which she lives and works. Outside of work, Sheri enjoys travelling with her husband, their two children, and Hope, the expressive and loyal Labradoodle who is instant friends with everyone she meets.


Gord Gilroy

Born, raised, and educated in Edmonton, Gord graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Business. He is president and co-founder of Vision Creative, a creative and advertising agency in Edmonton that has supported companies and non-profits across Western Canada for 25+ years.

As a small business owner Gord wants the best for his city and that includes the positive impact the Humane Society has on animals of all kinds. He understands the importance of good governance to ensure an organization can achieve its goals – both short- and long-term. He welcomes the opportunity to draw upon his candour and experience – in addition to his love and respect for animals of all kinds – to propel the EHS forward.

Gord and his wife Angie have two adult kids – Jack and Grace, and two adult cats – Katie and Henry; the only difference is that the latter two have been spoiled since birth. Away from work he enjoys hiking /skiing in the Canadian Rockies, travel abroad and art in its various forms.


Karen Leibovici

Karen believes that EHS is a pivotal organization in the advancement of animal welfare practices. As a former Edmonton City Councillor she is aware of the positive impact that EHS has in advocating for vulnerable animals.

She sees this as an opportunity to share her professional background in labour relations, personnel management and social work as well as her political and extensive board governance experience.

She has always loved animals which these days  include the many birds and squirrels in the backyard. Karen, her husband and grandson can sometimes be seen in the neighbourhood walking their two cats, Cooper and Cleo on leashes.


Patricia Misutka

Patricia’s love of animals and admiration for an organization that protects the most vulnerable motivated her to get involved with EHS. Seeing the potential to support EHS’ stakeholder engagement efforts, she’s also interested in opportunities to reach new communities with the mobile spay/neuter clinic.

As Chief Operating Officer for Imperial Equities, Patricia brings a wealth of governance and business capacity to her role with the EHS Board of Directors. Her experience as a strategist, former Principal Secretary to a Premier, and Chief of Staff to a former Mayor of Edmonton are a testament to her abilities to build strong relationships and connections within multiple communities and organizations. During her time as the Executive Director for the Glenrose Hospital Foundation, Patricia further expanded her knowledge with fundraising and supporting volunteer boards.

Patricia has always adored animals and currently spends time with Winston, a three-year old Jack Russell Terrier, being outdoors and learning to play flyball.


Robert Parks

The welfare of animals has been a personal ethos of Rob’s for as long as he can remember; he believes animals deserve our affection, care, and respect. Throughout his life he has seen and benefited from all that a pet can provide. The opportunity to volunteer with the Edmonton Humane Society was an opportunity he could not bypass. It gives him a platform to marry his skills and experience with his personal beliefs.

Rob’s skills and experience in strategic planning, community development, and governance will be leveraged in his work with EHS. As a partner in a consulting firm, Rob is adept at working collaboratively with others in pursuit of common outcomes. He has seen in innumerable communities, the difference a group of dedicated people can make.

Outside of work Rob enjoys golfing and getting out on his bike. Between pets at the moment, he relishes his time with the pets of family, friends, and anyone walking their dog.


Lorenzo Pasutto

Since joining the EHS board, Lorenzo remains dedicated to advancing humane education and community engagement while considering supports for the long-term financial viability of the organization. He is drawn by his desire to contribute to a longstanding pillar of the community in an area of personal interest that enriches so many lives.

Bringing experience as a management consultant, working collaboratively to identify and solve complex organizational issues across several industries, Lorenzo adds valuable perspective and skills to the collective wealth of the EHS Board of Directors. His ingenuity as the founder of a technology company working with Artificial Intelligence and focus on gauging customer satisfaction provide a unique view of data analytics.

Lorenzo believes his love of animals began after seeing “The Velveteen Rabbit” as a child and shortly after adopting a stuffy he lovingly named “Bunny Rubble”. He currently spends as much time as possible saving his yard from his rambunctious and truffle-seeking Lagotto Romagnolo puppy.


Amanda Pechousek

Amanda’s love for animals is what initially drew her to EHS. After learning more about the organization’s goal to not only provide basic food and shelter but their dedication to improving the relationships between companion animals and the community, she proudly joined the Board of Directors.

Participating and helping advise on several other boards since 2014 along with her experience as a Chartered Accountant and Certified Fraud Examiner, Amanda brings a unique perspective on risk mitigation. With specializations in forensic investigations, fraud awareness training, anti-fraud/anti-corruption programs and controls, and litigation/dispute services, she desires to help position the organization as the new standard for animal welfare and build upon its great reputation.

Camping since she could crawl, Amanda’s appreciation for animals began at a young age. Currently, the proud pet guardian of two rambunctious Maine Coon cats, Gir and Mini Moose, she enjoys spending spare time drawing, kayaking, and on camping trips with her husband and their family’s newest campers – their two young sons.


Dr. Ted Purcell

Dr. Purcell retired in 2020 after a 38-year career as a veterinarian and co-owner of the Hermitage Veterinary Hospital in Edmonton. His volunteer experience with the Edmonton Humane Society is extensive and began early in his professional career. Over the years, Dr. Purcell has assisted in the areas of humane education and communications. He has a keen interest in animal welfare and education. This has led to invitations to lecture at pre- and post-secondary institutions. Most recently, Dr. Purcell served on the Board of Directors of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation and the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Sports Association.

Dr. Purcell is passionate about public education and the stewardship of animals. He looks forward to continuing to share his passion and experience as a member of the EHS Board of Directors. And to support the EHS in advancing its mission, vision, and values.

Dr. Purcell enjoys spending his time on long walks with his two dogs, Copper and Mulder. As well as volunteering for a number community organizations in Edmonton.


Sumeet Saroya, CPA

Sumeet’s love for animals ranges from the tiniest critters to the grandest companions. His passion to assist in the nurturing and caring for animals has drawn him to joining the EHS Board. He is committed to using his dedication, skills, and experience to work collaboratively with other members of the Board to further the mission and vision of EHS.

With a strong background as a CPA and extensive experience in consulting and corporate development at large corporations, Sumeet is excited to bring a unique blend of financial expertise and strategic insight to the table.

Outside the professional sphere, Sumeet enjoys spending time with his Rottweiler Oscar at his favorite park, traveling, and trying new eateries in the city. Sumeet currently also spends his time volunteering as a foundation member at TELUS World of Science Edmonton.