Obesity is a common health problem for our companion animals. For many pet lovers, an overweight animal is an unfortunate reality, and one that can cause issues for pets and pet guardians alike.

For National Pet Obesity Awareness Day, we want to help you identify if your pet is overweight and suggest some diets that can help support your pet reaching a healthier weight.

How Do You Know If Your Pet Is Obese?

Check out these obesity charts for both dogs and cats, so you can see how your pet’s weight compares.

What Do You Do If Your Pet Is Obese?

We recommend always asking your vet for guidance first and considering changes in your pet’s diet and physical activity.

To help manage your dog or cat’s weight, ORIJEN® pet food has specially crafted formulas made to help support a healthy weight in dogs and cats. This includes ORIJEN Fit & Trim Recipe for dogs, a lean, protein-rich recipe to help support a healthy body weight in dogs, and ORIJEN Fit & Trim Recipe for cats, a food that includes balanced calories from protein and fat, plus naturally occurring L-carnitine to help maintain a healthy body weight.

Taking your pet for more frequent or longer walks and adding extra play time, is a great way to increase your pet’s daily physical activity, and offers additional opportunities for you both to bond. Make sure the physical activity you’re adding in is approved by your vet. We suggest using toys and playing games that encourage movement, like flirt poles and hide and seek.

Final Thoughts

By providing your pet with a healthy diet and physical activity, you can help support a healthier body weight, improve your pet’s health, and give you peace of mind.

Article written and provided in partnership with Champion Petfoods.