Orphaned at two weeks old…
What kind of future will they have?

Imagine the soft whimpers of newborn puppies. Their eyes aren’t open yet, and they can fit into your hand! Their tiny, fragile bodies depend on a mother’s warmth, care, and nourishment. And then, imagine they lose their mom just two weeks after their birth. 

That was the fate of Cashew, Macadamia, Almond, and Walnut. And sadly the survival rate for a newborn pup who loses their mother is only 1 in 2.

But your past support made a difference to these brave fighters. Generous donors like you paid for the food and health care these puppies need to survive.

And they also had a guardian angel. An extraordinary Edmonton Humane Society volunteer stepped forward, opening her home and heart to help them. She rarely slept, so she could feed each one by hand, every 2 to 3 hours around the clock for weeks. She gave them the love and care their mother would have.

Thanks to you, the Edmonton Humane Society has many stories like this.

But as you know, we see animals that have lost their mother, are homeless, or have suffered trauma every day. That’s why we appeal to you today to send a special holiday gift. Your gift will help hurting and orphaned animals who rely on the lifesaving work we do on a daily basis. You’ll help find our furry friends’ families where they’ll be loved and cared for.

We were entrusted with the lives of these orphaned puppies and finding them their new homes. And we did.

But we depend on three groups of people. The dedicated staff and veterinarians of the EHS. The special volunteers and friends in our community who adopt animals. And perhaps most importantly, people like you.

We could not exist without your gifts and the gifts of others who care about the fate of animals. You see, the animals we shelter aren’t just statistics — they’re potential family members. Donors like you give them a future.

With your support…

  • Your gift of $132.56 buys a five-pound bag of puppy milk replacer to feed pups like this for their first four weeks.

  • Your gift of $30 will buy a heating pad for an orphaned puppy.

  • Your gift of $120 will buy a week’s supply of food when they are a month old.

Will you join us again to give every needy animal a brighter tomorrow?

You know, as soon as we open tomorrow, more cats, dogs, and other animals will come into the shelter – urgently needing food, veterinary care and love. My commitment to you is to do our best to heal every animal so they can spend the rest of their lives with a good family. That’s why I urge you to make your holiday gift today. You’ll help us prepare for more animals like our precious orphaned puppies.

These puppies, and countless others like them, rely on champions like you.

Lastly, when you decide to help, please consider becoming a monthly donor. It’s easy to do, and you’ll support this life-saving work every day of the year. Together, we’ll build a world where every animal knows the profound touch of kindness.

P.S. These four puppies found a loving home in our community because you made a kind donation. The sad and inescapable truth is that animals come to us daily – broken, afraid, and alone.  Please, take a moment to make a difference for another animal today. Thank you in advance.

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