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We offer public (non-private) euthanasia services and private euthanasia services. Please call 780-229-2935 to book an appointment.

Euthanization and Cremation Fees:

Due to Alberta Veterinary Medical Association regulations we are not permitted to post rates for Euthanasia.  For information on euthanasia fees or combined euthanasia & cremation fees please call 780-491-3522

The Edmonton Humane Society offer a variety of humane services to help you through the difficult period of saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

When bringing an animal into the Edmonton Humane Society with a request for euthanasia from the owner, the Edmonton Humane Society will need the animal to be officially surrendered into our care. The animal will still need to be evaluated to ensure that is does not meet our adoption criteria. The request for euthanasia will be given consideration in determining the fate of the animal, but if there is a reasonable expectation of a good quality of life in a new home we reserve the right to place the animal up for adoption either through our general adoption service or privately.

Please note that all animals who are brought in for euthanasia must be cremated on site.

Please keep in mind if your animal has a microchip or tattoo the Edmonton Humane Society will take the proper measures to ensure ownership of the animal before proceeding.

If your pet has already passed away, the Edmonton Humane Society offers cremations services by appointment. To book a time before coming to the Edmonton Humane Society, please call 780-229-2935.

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