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Animal Protection Services is a department housed within the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Animal protection officers are responsible for investigating animal neglect and cruelty concerns under the scope of the Animal Protection Act of Alberta within the jurisdiction of the City of Edmonton.

In addition, our officers are responsible for inspecting pet stores, zoos, and any animal holding facilities (i.e. circuses, rodeos). A primary goal of Animal Protection Services is to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and provide assistance to those who are unable to provide adequate care

Animal Protection

Types of concerns EHS CAN investigate

  • Lack of food/water/shelter
  • Lack of veterinary care if an animal is wounded or ill
  • Lack of adequate ventilation or space/dirty conditions
  • Causing or permitting an animal to be or continue to be in distress
  • Animals subjected to injurious heat or cold (i.e. dog in car)
  • Short chain

Types of concerns EHS CANNOT investigate

  • Intentional physical harm to an animal
  • Poisoning
  • Ownership disputes
  • Barking complaints
  • Stray animal concerns
  • Illegal animals being kept as pets
  • Illegal trapping
  • Injured or orphaned wildlife

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