YES! I want to change the life of an animal like Tokyo!

It’s a new year and a new spring lies ahead of us. And for a cat named Tokyo (originally named Pinocchio), a whole new life lies ahead for him. A joyful life with no more pain… that’s a huge contrast to the shaking and badly injured cat we first encountered…

We suspect Tokyo was hit by a car. Our staff could clearly see wounds on his side and on his tail, but they knew the pain went even deeper than that — the poor kitty was so weak he fell right over when he tried to stand. While Tokyo was in rough shape when he came in, I’m grateful to share that everything changed for the better — within just a few days.

Today, Tokyo is recovered, healthy, and living with his new family. Thanks to the support of our generous donors – people just like YOU – EHS can respond to medical situations like we did for Tokyo and his painful injuries.

Please make 2022 the best year possible for our community’s animals with your compassionate support today.

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