Welcome to Puppy Basics!

It is critical that puppies encounter as many new environments, people, dogs, and things as possible during the early stage of their lives. Another important skill is bite inhibition before little teeth get bigger. Our trainers are here to lend a paw. 

Sign up for a six-week course covering basic commands like; sit, down, come, stay, and watch, loose leash-walking, and recall. Providing guidance for you to help your dog become a model citizen and great representative of the canine community.

Puppies will spend some of each hour class off-leash, as they learn proper interactions and become well-socialized to other pups in our 5,000 sq.ft. training space.

Did you adopt from EHS?

Dogs adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society within three months of signing up for your first class receive a 10% discount on training classes!

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