Sam and Sophie left more than a permanent paw print on their guardians’ hearts when they passed away — they left a legacy supporting thousands of animals in need at the Edmonton Humane Society.

About Sam and Sophie

Sam, the smart and cuddly Pekingese/poodle cross, was always up for an adventure. Whether it be by foot or car, he was in! Exploring the world through his nose on walks was his favourite activity, but there was nothing Sam loved more than cuddling and relaxing in the evenings with his guardians and friend Sophie.

Sophie was Sam’s complimentary opposite. Joining the family two years after Sam, Sophie – the shih-tzu/ poodle/cocker spaniel mix – enjoyed the comforts of home and the company of her people. She preferred to leave meeting new people, travel and adventuring to her friend Sam. Instead, Sophie took pride in protecting her home and ensuring her guardians knew how loved each of them were by her.

Both Sam and Sophie enriched the lives of their guardians daily and were deeply loved. They also shared a special bond with each other.

In 2020, Sam passed away at the age of 16 and twelve days later, Sophie followed.

Their Unique Legacy

“The loss of Sam and Sophie was more difficult for us than we ever imagined. We wanted to create some type of legacy, in their names, to help continue spreading joy like they did when they were alive,” say their guardians, who wish to remain anonymous.

The memory of these two beautiful dogs has been immortalized by their guardians through the establishment of the Sam & Sophie Endowment Fund.

Creating an endowment fund is a unique and impactful way to support the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Endowment funds are set up through an initial lump sum gift of cash to the endowment principal. Then the gift provides support in perpetuity to the organization, in this case the Edmonton Humane Society, through its annual dividends.

Each year, the Sam & Sophie Endowment Fund will support homeless, neglected, and abandoned companion animals at the Edmonton Humane Society until they can find their new families.

The love Sam and Sophie felt from their guardians will now be shared in perpetuity with thousands of animals, which is the greatest legacy anyone can share. Our heartfelt thanks to Sam and Sophie’s guardians for helping EHS enrich the lives of the people and pets we serve, just as Sam and Sophie did for them.

If you wish to discuss leaving a legacy gift to EHS with our team,
please contact [email protected] or call 780-491-3507.