YES! I want to help animals like Sabrina P. Salem!

Sabrina P. Salem, the stray cat, went through a rigorous marathon of treatment. It wouldn’t have been possible without you…

Sabrina was already about two-years-old when she came to us, and she had an incredibly sweet and friendly personality.

But the big problem was the huge 15cm wound across the right side of her body and along her neck and cheek. Not only was it long, but it was also wide open at about 5cm across. And it wasn’t the only one. She also had two smaller wounds on her hind limbs.

Sabrina was diagnosed with a rare skin disease and needed multiple surgeries, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain control, steroids, and daily bandage checks to help her wounds heal. Now, she’s a happy cat and settled into her new home – all because of friends like you.

Sabrina P. Salem faced an uncertain future with her injury. Your gift today helps animals like Sabrina have a future of happiness instead. 

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