November 15, 2022, marks National Philanthropy Day, a day for the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS) to say thank you to our community of supporters!

This year, we were proud to recognize two outstanding Edmontonians who have made an indelible mark on our work and in the lives of companion animals: Jay Downton and Harmony Doderai. Both received awards for their philanthropy efforts and contributions to EHS at the 24th Annual National Philanthropy Day event, hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Edmonton and Area Chapter.

Jay Downton – Community Enrichment Award

Jay Downton, a passionate Edmontonian, entrepreneur and President of Oodle Noodle and the Nation Network was recognized by the Edmonton Humane Society for his support and philanthropy benefitting our organization for the past few years.

Whether financial contributions – now at over $10,000 – through the sharing of his creative resources to bring attention to EHS, or as a sponsor for our annual Pets in the Park event, Jay and his team have had a direct impact on our ability to reach new audiences and supporters through their vast network of followers.

Jay leads through innovation and altruism, which sets an example for others to follow. A lover of all animals, especially his own Dachshund named Hotdog, Jay inspires others to support the Edmonton Humane Society.

“I’m super honoured to be nominated by the Edmonton Humane Society and proud to support such a wonderful organization.

The things they do for animals is amazing. The things they do for families – pairing them up with these animals is even more amazing. The events they do are community builders, bringing people together to celebrate having animals and supporting animals is nothing short of fantastic.

I just want to say a heartfelt thank you to the Edmonton Humane Society – you rock!”

-Jay Downton

Harmony Doderai – Youth

Harmony Doderai, an extraordinary 10-year-old, has been utilizing her talents by playing her violin “busking” at her local farmer’s market and over the past two years has raised close to $1,000 for the Edmonton Humane Society!

Not only has Harmony been raising funds, but her efforts were part of the inspiration for the Edmonton Humane Society to partner with Champion Petfoods and create the EHS Champion Kids program in 2022.

The EHS Champion Kids program recognizes the leadership of young philanthropists, like Harmony, providing them with opportunities to learn more about the work of the Edmonton Humane Society while they encourage others to give their time and talent to support our mission.

Harmony’s altruism comes from her love of animals, and she aspires to become a veterinarian and continue helping animals any way she can.

Thank You for Supporting the Work We Do

Both Jay and Harmony do more than help our companion animals, these two outstanding community members inspire and show others you can make a massive difference in our community through the power of philanthropy.

Want to be one of the many supporters like Jay and Harmony who help the Edmonton Humane Society save lives of animals in need?

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