September 18th, 2020

Plan a Pet Picnic!

Some have said the quickest way to another’s heart is through the stomach and we think many pets would agree. Part of caring for our companion animals is ensuring they have a healthy nutritious diet of food that supports their physical and mental wellbeing. Treats are a fantastic way to incentivize our pets to learn new skills, improve upon behavioural concerns, or reward them for exceptional behaviour and new milestones like birthdays.

While we can’t picnic at the park this year for Pets in the Park, you can plan your own pet picnic at home indoors or outdoors, whatever is best suited for you and your pet. Below are a few helpful tips for you to plan your picnic from wherever you are during this year’s Pets in the Park: Neighbourhood Edition.

Recommended Supplies:

  • Picnic blanket for you and your pet to share in your home, yard, or at a local park
  • Picnic basket or small tote to keep items clean and organized (great for easy set-up and clean-up)
  • A few of yours’ and your pets’ favorite foods and treats
  • Plenty of fresh water for you and your pet
  • Food and water dish
  • Any plates or cutlery you may need
  • Napkins and pet safe wet wipes to clean up any messes
  • A few toys to play with
  • Harness and leash (or secure enclosure for small animals)

If you are having your picnic outside, here are a few other things to consider:

  • Be sure to read up on our recommendations for how to safely spend time outdoors with your pet
  • Small animals can become stressed easily so we recommend you stay within your own yard to reduce the chance of encountering other animals and also have an appropriate enclosure.
  • Find an area that is protective for you and your pet against direct sunlight or inclement weather.
  • Make sure your pet has up to date ID tags, microchip and/or tattoo if applicable in case they become lost outdoors.
  • Be sure to close or cover your picnic basket to discourage snooping by your pet as well as keeping unwanted bugs out of your goodies.
  • If you are using a BBQ or grill, never feed your pet cat or dog chicken bones as it is a choking hazard.

Bring some homemade treats along too! We’ve shared an awesome enrichment treat you can make for your pet the night before in the video below.

If you’re looking for fun ways to Connect with Pets at home, check out our Humane Education at Home page.

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