Join us in making a difference in the lives of animals like Karl.

When Karl first arrived at the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS), he was alone and injured. We immediately noticed the extent of his leg injury, which would have caused him ongoing pain and suffering. Our dedicated team of veterinarians made the difficult decision to amputate his leg, giving Karl a chance at a better life.

Thanks to the successful surgery, Karl not only survived but thrived. He found a loving home where he is cherished and cared for. But there are many other animals in need, and we need your help to continue providing life-saving operations like Karl’s.

The EHS Sick and Injured Animal Fund is the backbone of our efforts to help animals in critical condition. However, our funds are currently depleted, and we are urgently seeking to raise $48,500 to replenish the fund. With your support, we can ensure that animals in distress receive the care they need and deserve. Any additional funds donated over our goal will be used to support greatest needs at EHS this year.

Your special gift today will make a significant impact on the lives of suffering animals. We invite you to become a monthly donor, as consistent contributions provide crucial support to the animals we serve.

At the Edmonton Humane Society, our commitment extends beyond medical treatment. We strive to find loving homes for every animal under our care. It is our wish that each animal lives a long, healthy, and happy life. Karl’s story is a testament to the positive outcomes we can achieve together.

Karl’s adoptive mom, Shelley, works at the Edmonton Humane Society and was captivated by his adorable face. She decided to provide him with a forever home, saying, “Why not have one more beautiful animal in the house?” Karl is a friendly and playful companion who brings joy to everyone he encounters. Despite having only three legs, he fearlessly pounces on his older brother, Kevin, demonstrating his indomitable spirit.

While we celebrate Karl’s happy ending, there are countless other sick and injured animals in need of our care. By donating today, you can help us ensure that no animal is left behind. Your generosity will directly support the EHS Sick and Injured Animal Fund, allowing us to save more lives and find loving homes for those in our care.

Please consider making a generous contribution today to replenish the special EHS Sick and Injured Animal Fund. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of these vulnerable animals who deserve a second chance. Thank you for your continued support and compassion towards animals in our community.

*If we reach our goal for the sick and injured animal fund, any additional funds will support the greatest needs for animals in our care at EHS.

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