YES! I’ll make a gift for the care, rehabilitation and adoption of pets like Ellie!

Ellie’s story is a hard one to tell.

She was thrown out of a moving vehicle on a rural highway, like garbage. Whoever tossed her out of that care didn’t want her, and they didn’t care if she got hurt in the process.

When she came to the Edmonton Humane Society, she looked terrible. Ellie was so emaciated, her ribs, spine and femur bones stuck out horribly. She’d lost muscle, she was weak all over, and she was completely dehydrated – all from prolonged starvation. Our medical team also discovered that she had worms, but thankfully – and perhaps shockingly – they didn’t find any injuries from the fall.

Thanks to people like you, now Ellie is living a bettter life with the family that adopted her. She’s happy, full of energy, and ready to discover everything the world has to offer.

Ellie kept fighting for her life. Please keep fighting for animals like her with your gift today. 

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