Coming to EHS adoption event this Friday and Saturday? Read this first!

On Friday, March 23 (from 12 to 7 p.m.) and Saturday, March 24 (from 12 to 5 p.m.), we are hosting a ‘Clear Our Shelter’ adoption event to rehome hundreds of companion animals in need of a second chance!

The community has been overwhelmingly supportive of this event and we are appreciative of everyone who wants to help give our shelter animals a loving, forever home. With the popularity of this event so far we are anticipating a very large crowd with many excited soon-to-be pet owners, and wanted to share some tips on how you can prepare!

Before You Adopt

A pet is a big commitment. Before anyone adopts, we encourage you to take some considerable time to discuss the commitment with your family, and research what type of pet would best fit your home and lifestyle. Some questions we recommend discussing with your family are:

  1. What type of pet would best fit our home and lifestyle?
  2. How long will this type of pet live?
  3. What are this animal’s needs for food, water, shelter, enrichment and veterinary care? Many of these species have specialized care and veterinary needs, which can be expensive.
  4. Do we have the space, supplies, time and resources to ensure it gets the care it needs?
  5. Will we have the time and resources to care for this pet over its lifespan?

Many of these animals have specialized care needs. Before you come, ensure you already have their habitat set up at home (for example, fish tanks and reptile enclosures).

You can view adoptable animals on our website here. Please check back on Thursday evening and Friday morning for the animals that will be available at the event.

Coming to the Adoption Event

Your family has decided now is a good time to adopt – how exciting! To prepare for a successful adoption, please bring with you:

  • Two pieces of identification, with at least one having your current address.
  • All family members are encouraged to come, if possible.
  • If you have one, a safe and secure carrier to bring your new family member home in.
    • EHS will provide transport boxes (and bags for the fish) if you do not have your own.
  • And, your patience! While we will do our best to keep adoptions moving as efficiently as possible, we appreciate your understanding that there will be a high number of adoptions in progress, and it will take time to ensure that the pet has been well matched with its future family. Please allow ample time, as adoptions could take a few hours to complete.

If you live in a rental property – ensure you have your landlord’s permission for a pet and have paid your pet deposit (if applicable).

Arriving at the Event 

The adoption event will begin at 12 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. We anticipate that potential adopters will be lining up in advance though.

When you arrive at the shelter, please find the appropriate line for the animal you are interested in by animal type. Due to the large number of adopters, you will only be able to hold a position in one of these lines:

  • Blue line at the Education/Training entrance – Fish
  • Green line at the Adoption Gallery entrance – Reptiles, Birds & Small Animals
  • Purple line at the Adoption Gallery entrance  – Dogs & Cats

Please dress for the weather! Lines will be outdoors.

A team member will greet you in line and get you started on the adoption forms. You can also fill them out in advance by downloading our pre-adoption form here, and our adoption commitment form here. You will then be provided a number.  We will send potential adopters into our adoption gallery to meet their new pet in small groups, for the safety of our guests and to minimize stress for our shelter animals.

Completing the Adoption

  1. Proceed to the appropriate interview desk as directed to hand in your adoption forms.
  2. An adoption counsellor will take your family to do a meet-and-greet with the animal you are interested in (except fish).
  3. A team member will then take you for the adoption interview, where they will ask a few questions to ensure the chosen pet is a good fit for your family. You may be asked questions about:
    • your lifestyle,
    • family activities,
    • ages of children,
    • your typical schedule,
    • and your knowledge on this type of animal.

You will also have a chance to ask us questions about your new pet, and review their medical and behaviour history.

4. Your new pet will then be taken for a final exit exam, to ensure there are no concerns with their health before they go home.
5. Lastly, we will finalize the processing and accept payment for the adoption fee at our adoption desk.

Need any last-minute supplies? Pay a visit to our Bingo’s Pet Shop too!

Congratulations, you’ve just adopted a new pet!

And last, but not least: 

  • Allow yourself ample time (at least a few hours) to complete the adoption.
  • Expect that animals will be adopted quickly, and the animal you are interested in may have already gone to its forever home (yay for the animal!) when you get to the front of the line.

While we are so appreciative of your support in making this event a success, please remember we have surrendered, stray, seized and abandoned animals coming into our care every day. Although you may not find your forever friend this weekend, we encourage you to check our website regularly, come back to visit, or check with other local rescue groups – there are always many deserving animals in need of a second chance!

Please check out the following EHS programs & services for your new pet!